Thursday, 12 August 2010

Stig is finally a year old!!

Last friday was that spaecial day we had been waiting for Stig turned a whole year old woop flippin woop. So this is where the real training begins. Ive got him booked on some different courses as well this winter to see it from other peoples points of view so hopefully we are going to have an action packed training winter woop woop. Im really pleased with him so far he does a fantastic stop one on a frame other way he tries but his bum just bings off so weather hes weaker on the that side. We started weave training last night which were fab and i cant believe how quick he picks it up and hes always so much better next day once hes had a think about it so im really looking forward to going up the paddock tonight. Its really funny as now my dogs are all really interested in it when im playing with Stig there running up and down the a frame or waeving as poor Stigs trying to learn think there abit jealous lol. I let him have a play in the practise ring at the weekend and te only thing he was distracted with some kids playing with a tennis ball outside the ring but i soon called him back and he was off again.
We went to Capable canines last weekend and its such a gorgeous little show we probably had 10-15 dogs off at one point and there was still loads of room in the exercise area plus theres a river next to it so we spent alot of time by the river with the poches splashing around. On the Saturday Diesel got a 4th in beat the judge and Gemma got a 12th in her agility. Sunday Jess got a 9th and Gemma got a 14th in there agility Jess beating Gemma by 4 secs aswell cause she had a new toy. Then Gemma got a 7th in power and speed which was fab as if someone hadn't parked there great dane outside the tunnel we might have been a couple of seconds quicker lol.
Gonna get some rescue dogs up on her later so if you no anyone whos looking for a rescue show them including a stunning little australlian kelpie more to follow...

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