Thursday, 12 August 2010

Stig is finally a year old!!

Last friday was that spaecial day we had been waiting for Stig turned a whole year old woop flippin woop. So this is where the real training begins. Ive got him booked on some different courses as well this winter to see it from other peoples points of view so hopefully we are going to have an action packed training winter woop woop. Im really pleased with him so far he does a fantastic stop one on a frame other way he tries but his bum just bings off so weather hes weaker on the that side. We started weave training last night which were fab and i cant believe how quick he picks it up and hes always so much better next day once hes had a think about it so im really looking forward to going up the paddock tonight. Its really funny as now my dogs are all really interested in it when im playing with Stig there running up and down the a frame or waeving as poor Stigs trying to learn think there abit jealous lol. I let him have a play in the practise ring at the weekend and te only thing he was distracted with some kids playing with a tennis ball outside the ring but i soon called him back and he was off again.
We went to Capable canines last weekend and its such a gorgeous little show we probably had 10-15 dogs off at one point and there was still loads of room in the exercise area plus theres a river next to it so we spent alot of time by the river with the poches splashing around. On the Saturday Diesel got a 4th in beat the judge and Gemma got a 12th in her agility. Sunday Jess got a 9th and Gemma got a 14th in there agility Jess beating Gemma by 4 secs aswell cause she had a new toy. Then Gemma got a 7th in power and speed which was fab as if someone hadn't parked there great dane outside the tunnel we might have been a couple of seconds quicker lol.
Gonna get some rescue dogs up on her later so if you no anyone whos looking for a rescue show them including a stunning little australlian kelpie more to follow...

Monday, 12 July 2010


Wow ive just looked on everyones blogs and there rather impresssive theres wins everywhere so i wont bore every one with our efforts and congratulate everyone first,
Emma and Maisy first i am so pleased for you, you really deserve it, i think we all feel a sigh of relief as everytime i watch im praying Maisy wont have a pole.
Ellen and Hamish another jumping win not long now till your in grade 3 how exciting, congratulations.
Jo and Kody well done again although it always seems were saying well done to you all your hard work is definatly paying off.
Lucie and Murphy i'm so pleased you got an 11th in the agility you worked hard and really deserved it and theres still alot to come from Murphy which is exciting.
On that note im very pleased Gemma has forgotten about last weekend and got over it and is running nicely again, she gained a 10th in her agility, Diesel got a 12th in the same class and Jess for a 3rd in anysize agility.
I shall leave it at that as everyones elses blogs are far more interesting at the moment, keep up the good work guys hopefully next year i'll be joining you with Stig.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Golden Valley

Well that weekend has just flown by boo!! We really look forward to this weekend as its a great venue and only seems like its up the road for us. Jessica had a fab run in the 4-5 combined agility which was a lovely course and i was really pleased with her, there was no one on the line so we were luckily enough to go straight in which she obviously loved. She had a rubbish pairs round but i didn't want to run her as she went so well in the morning and i just knew she'd play up in that round which she did so i should remember to trust my insticts from now on. Yesterday Melanie did a fab job of taking her round the team especially as me and Diesel were before the so we had to do the change round but she was great just having a spaniel moment and running round one fence but well done Mel you did really well shes not easy.
Diesel had a fab agility run flying round after the whole morning and most of the afternoon spent sleeping on the caravan and then yesterday she was in the team and just spotted the ice cream van and forgot what she was doing for a split second he he! Its really working her only doing one run a day and only the nice courses as i love running her and she does enjoy it just not too much of it plus ive stopped queing with her so she doesnt get wound up at the back of the que and then cant be bothered at the start, so i have a quick rag with her and her lead and then shes off!
Gemma is looking and going great at the moment we had lots of comments over the weekend about how good she is looking finally abit of fat to cover her bones up woop woop. She is alot more relaxed at camping shows and we are looking into buying the screen fencing so she really cant see out. Shes had some fantastic runs a couple off clears some eliminations due to me but im so pleased with her shes really starting to tighten her turns up aswell on one course i was just about to que her and she just did it so were really getting it together and know shes been spayed hopefully this will be her from know on, the future looks bright.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Finally something positive to talk about!!

Well it feels after months and months of disappointing runs we seem to have our mojo back again. Hence why my blogs have been few and far between as i have been trying to figure out whats been going on. Jessica only did one run this weekend as she messed her weaves up and although the rest off the course she did was nice i choose not to run her as she just winds me up as shes so capable and i feel like abit of a numpty in grade 4 with her queing up with all these awesome dogs and then theres Jess who just skips around. So she is in the team next week and then im going to give her a break. Gemma has gone fantasticlally this weekend i couldnt have asked for more maybe due to not running Jess i was alot more relaxed! We got back in the routine of Ian queing for me wilst i sat by the ring watcing with Gem and then when we went to walk down letting her have her ball which works really well as she doesnt wind herself up as much with the other dogs. I tried a new start with her where you throw them back i've always thought it was for people trying to give themselves a tiny bit off a head start and then someone mentioned trying it and it works a treat even with Diesel.
Yesterday there was a boxer trophy on offer for the highest boxer in the 1-4 agility. I managed to get Gemma down at ring for first dog and she just got 5 on her dog walk otherwise a lovely run. We watched a boxer go clear so the pressure was on Diesel and for all you guys who knows Diesel hmmm! I was rather nervous, Ian had a play with her whilst i was in the que and then i had a quick play to get her growling at me and she flew round bless her she was going so well, abit too well as she pinged her a frame contact, yes Diesel missed a contact lol. Thinking back know she did fling herself on it and leapt over the top in surprise off how fast she was going and then had no choice but to fling herself off or land in a heap on the floor. So no boxer trophy this year but im very proud of the girls efforts they really tried hard and roll on next year.
Congratualtions to Jo and all her achievements we saw them spilling out the caravan and Anne and Gloria for there splendid clear round keep up the good work.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Firstly i must congratulate Jo on all her achievements at dog vegas what an amazing weekend you had we were shocked when your name wasn't read out in the presentations what great pooches you have and all your training is paying off and its great too watch. Also Amy and Summer for there achievements. And also to Lucy and Milly for there first clear round at a KC show well done you deserved.

We went to belvoir castle which as much as i love the heat the dogs so not and there was no shade to keep the dogs cool so i ended up hiding in tents and then runing to the ring. Gemma wasnt running as still had her wound from being spayed, Diesel had a potter in Diesel style and Jess kept popping out her weaves which seemed to be a new issue getting worse. Her and Milly got a 6th in pairs which was fab as we both got faulted in our weaves lol and Diesel got a 10th in the alpha agility challenge.

Last weekend we went to dog vegas we have had a beagle stopping with us for 3 weeks which has been driving us up the wall as it has severe separation anxiety so i was glad to see the back off it on friday and start to enjoy my dogs again! I was determined to relax as i have felt rather stresesd over the past couple off weeks. Saturdays agility attempts wernt great so well forget about the bad and concentrate on the good, with alot off effort from me i managed to get Jess going like she does at home and she got all her 12 weaves woop woop that gave me abit off confidence. And Diesel had a fantastic day her first class we didnt get in the ring till 2pm, i ragged with her and got her growling and then just let go and she was off she stonked round and just missed the last fence as it was on an angle and she ran to her Daddy lol but it was fab and i love running her like that. She went clear in her jumping again full on and in her last agility she did a fab clear she was great. Even Monday morning i gave her a run and she flew round shes so much fun to run as she really tests me as believe it or not she works away from me and i have to get my positin exact otherwise she goes very wide and then she takes along time to come back so fingers crossed we can keep this Diesel as shes fab!!!
Jess had her back done the other night and (technical term) she had a stringy shoulder and her neck wasnt too good either maybe why shes been coming out her weaves?? I dont no!! I took Gem back to the vets this morning as her wound is abit swollen and yesterday there was some oozing coming out the vet said shes just having a reaction to the dissovable stitches and they would be dissolving know and shes on antibiotics so hopefully will clear up and she can start competiting again!!

At dog vegas there are some beautiful walks just 5 minutes from the show and footpaths everywhere its fab so the dogs have all had a paddle in the river this weekend and yesterday i took Stig with Milly for a swim and he loves it hes very natural, im going to take him down there a couple off times a week to build him up plus its great fun too watch.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Last couple of weeks

These photos were taken by a lady at leamington show the other day so thankyou for that he is a handsome chappy!! Well me and my dogs dont seem to be gelling, clicking whatever you call it at the mo. Jess which i already no is a spaniel and will only run when she wants to and yes she may run lovely at my paddock as shes already so excited before she even gets there but at a show i must be doing something wrong as neither off them are going like they used to plus its only the start off the season. So it must be me maybe im abit more stressed as i am realy busy at the mo and we've had dogs stopping all the way through May and an increadably difficult one at the moment which seems to be taking all my attention off my dogs. So im really going to try and make more effort this weekend and chill and have a good time and think postive and practise my weaves with Jess this week.
Gemma has been spayed today so thats all the bitches done fingers crossed less hormones lol!! The vet sedated her whilst i was there and then i had to put her in her cage which was horrible as obviously she didnt want to go in and then i made that fatal mistake off looking back at her my poor baby i dont worry about the others as i know the vets and nurses are all lovely there but it doesn't matter how much you are nice to Gemma she still takes along time to get used to people cant wait to pick her up.

Massive congratulations to Ellen and Amy and Anne for her clear and good luck to Jo and Keisha!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

What a couple of weeks.. with qualifying for crufts woop woop!!

Well my dogs and i are having a little break for a couple of weeks. I took the decision after our last show i just needed abit of a break and a catch up with my paperwork. So last Saturday was spent having a much needed clothes shop for me and Ian, then Sunday i spent 6hrs doing paperwork but he ho i had a dog at my feet and my paperwork is know ready to be sent off to the accountant woop woop. Monday we did a few odd jobs round the house and then taught flyball at night which was great fun and Jess had another go and she was fab. Diesel has been spayed and she is fine and one ovary was bigger than other which could have caused abit more of itching so hopefully it will take a little bit off the itch out of her. Mid week we were walking through a wood and watching the boxers play when Gemma suddenly went lame, couldn't see anything and no blood so put her on lead and went home by the time we got home i could see some blood and noticed she had cracked her nail from half way up to the top off her nail so rather painful. I managed to clip it abit too make it shorter so it wouldn't keep catching and TRIED to keep her calm. Anyway i have a vet that comes to agility classes and i spoke to her about as her whole foot was red aswell and she said that she would have to have it removed but she said wait as shes being spayed this week and it was clean. Last night it was hanging but she squealed when i tried to pull it off but this morning it was even more off so i manged to pull it off so hopefully be abit comfier and will keep cleaning it.
Yesterday me and Amy went to Stafford to enter the dogstable it was freezing cold and rather miserable and i wasn't feeling particularly hopeful as Jess gets very bored with heel work and i couldn't take Diesel as shes been spayed. Jess was fab when we got in the ring and did some fab heelwork think she must have been watching Summer do her heelwork lol, think the cheese outside the ring worked a treat so she came 2nd after Amy so we are both qualified woop woop its a great feeling to be qualified this early on.